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Augusto Cantele changed the course of Puglia viticulture when he first began to grow and vinify Chardonnay in Salento in the early 1990s. After years spent studying winemaking and working in wineries in northern Italy, where Italy’s white production was focused at the time, not only had he nurtured a taste for fresh, fruit-driven whites, but he also had developed his immense skill and experience in growing practices and vinification techniques used in the production of top white wines.

Even before he returned to Puglia to join his family’s winery, he had long dreamed of making Chardonnay in his family’s adoptive homeland — Puglia’s Salento peninsula. When the estate began releasing its first white wines, he became a pioneer of Chardonnay production in the region.

Today, the winery’s bottlings of Chardonnay — from its youthful Chardonnay to the French barrique-aged Teresa Manara — are considered benchmarks for the category.

PRODUCTION AREA Guagnano (Le), Montemesola (Ta).
TRAINING Guyot (5,000 plants per hectare).
HARVEST First ten days of August.
VINIFICATION Grapes gently pressed.  Must cooled to 8°C.
FERMENTATION In stainless-steel vats at 15°C.
AGING In stainless-steel vats.
AGING POTENTIAL Freshness and flavor for 2 years.
SERVE AT 11° C. (52° F.).

Tasting Notes

COLOR  Straw yellow with hints of green.

NOSE  Notes of lily, magnolia, juniper, and linden are followed by ripe fruit and seductive herbaceous aromas.

PALATE The alcoholic structure and freshness in this wine reward the wine lover with its drinkability and approachability. Its rich finish mirrors its aromas with great balance.

Wine Art

Just like domino tiles, the rich colors of the Cantele labels line up like a work of art by Andy Warhol.

But while Warhol liked to depict the same subject with different colors, here are the actual labels in an image that celebrates the Cantele line of wines, a style that like to call “POP.”

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