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Teresa Manara Negroamaro

This wine is named after Teresa Manara, grandmother to the current generation of the Cantele family and the woman who inspired her husband to resettle in Salento, a land that had swept her off her feet when she first saw it on a business trip with him.

Mother, grandmother, wife, and muse, she continues to be a guiding light for the family and its wines, including its flagship Chardonnay and Negroamaro, named in her honor.

She traveled across Italy at a time when only men were allowed to do business. And her indomitable spirit lives on in these unforgettable wines, which were created by her son Augusto in the 1990s using select grapes from top vineyards.

TRAINING Head-trained, (5,000 plants per hectare).
HARVEST Late September.
MACERATION Must is macerated for 15 days.
VINIFICATION Fermentation is carried out at 26° C.
AGING In barrique for approximately 12 months.
AGING POTENTIAL It will surprise the collector over 6-8 years.
SERVE AT 18° C. (64° F.).

Tasting Notes

COLOR  Intense ruby red alternated with delicate cherry tones.

NOSE The fruit and floral notes offer a preview of how this wine will evolve on the palate, with ample aromas of ethereal spices and a light minerality.

PALATE  As on the nose, this wine is classic, bold, and confident yet perceptibly refined.

Wine Art

There’s another name in the name of this wine. And of course, it just had to be a woman as well: Tamara de Lepicka, a painter who inspired this label.

Its curvy lines caress the bottles with its soft colors and noirish tones.

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