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Rohesia Susumaniello

After a two-year hiatus, we are celebrating the return of Varius, a wine that represents an on-going “experiment” in the Cantele portfolio. As its name reveals, it is a “variation” of traditional Pugliese blends. We had taken a break from this label because it was time. Starting in 1999, the blend has included Negroamaro, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Montepulciano. In one of the last blends, Merlot took the place of Montepulciano. And the final “variation” was a wine made solely from Merlot grapes.

The new version of Varius is inspired by Salento’s rich history of cultural contamination. Since antiquity, Salento has been a cultural crossroads. With this new release, we harness the intense color of the Susumaniello grape. This grape actually originated in the Balkans and its name comes from the fact that it was considered a workhorse grape, a somarello or donkey in Italian, thanks to the density of the grape bunches as they ripen.

“Life’s only constant is the pleasure of change.”

That’s the slogan we’ve created for this new release of Varius. The concept behind the campaign is easy to grasp: We want to remind wine lovers of the many lives of Varius and we want to tell the story of its immense potential as a blend of native Pugliese grape varieties.

It’s an entirely unique wine that tells the story of life’s only constant: Experimentation can only lead to positive change and positive change, in turn, delivers only genuine pleasure.


IGT Salento




Guagnano (Le), Montemesola (Ta).


Guyot (5.000 ceppi per ha).


Prima decade di Agosto.


Fermentazione alcolica in acciaio a 15°C.


In serbatoio d’acciaio fino all’imbottigliamento.


Freschezza e sapidità per circa 2 anni.



GRAPE VARIETY Susumaniello, Negroamaro.
PRODUCTION AREA Guagnano (Le), Campi Salentina (Le).
TRAINING Spur-pruned cordon (5,000 plans per ha).
HARVEST Early September; mid-September.
MACERATION Skin contact for 6-8 days.
VINIFICATION Fermentation is carried out at 22-24° C.
AGING In stainless-steel vats until bottling.
AGING POTENTIAL Ready to drink. Evolution over  2-3 years.
SERVE AT 18° C. (64° F.).

Tasting Notes

COLOR  Intense ruby red with hints of violet.

NOSE  Complex with notes of red fruit, currant, and prune. These are complemented by equally distinct notes of pen ink, black cherry, thyme, and a gun-flint finish.

PALATE  Fresh on the palate with wonderful balance between the wine’s smooth character and its alcohol. Easy to drink, with soft tannins.

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