Le Passanti

Cantele’s dried grape (passito) Fiano is in many ways a modern wine and an ancient wine.

Ancient because in antiquity fine wines were generally made from dried grapes. Modern because today Fiano isn’t generally used for sweet wines.

Produced only in top vintages, the Cantele Le Passanti is made using Fiano grapes from the winery’s top growing sites. After a meticulous selection from the harvest, the winery dries only the best fruit from the vintage on mats in a well-ventilated drying room (ventilation is essential to ensure that the berries dry evenly).

The resulting wine is rich in amber color and nutty, stone-fruit flavor. Arguably Cantele’s most exclusive wine, it’s a great pairing for aged cheeses.

PRODUCTION AREA Manduria (Ta), Pulsano (Ta).
TRAINING Spur-pruned cordon (4,500 plants per ha).
HARVEST Late September.
GRAPES DRYING Small crates are used to dry the grapes.
FERMENTATION For a few weeks in steel vats and casks.
AGING 2 years in cask and then in steel and bottle.
AGING POTENTIAL A wine that will continue to evolve over time.
SERVE AT 14°C. (57°F.).

Tasting Notes

COLOR Brilliant gold with sunny, bright nuance.

NOSE Very intense, as if it were produced in a bee hive rich with floral and fruit aromas. Acacia honey and Cane apple. Orange flower and bergamot.

PALATE On the palate this wine reveals endless layers of delicate, smooth sensations, with superb balance between its freshness and aromatic character. The sweetness of this wine on the palate reminds some of “kisses desired but never dared to be given…”.

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