You may have seen the news on the Shanken News Daily blog or on Cantele is now imported in the U.S. by legacy importer Winebow.

The Cantele family couldn’t be more thrilled by this new and exciting partnership. And the best news is that Winebow has decided to bring some of the estate’s top wines to the U.S. for the first time.

The first containers are expected to land shortly and they will include the follow wines:

Teresa Manara Chardonnay (NEW!)
Salice Salentino
Teresa Manara Negroamaro (NEW!)

There are a few other labels that will be making the voyage across the Atlantic as well and we’ll post updates here on the blog as they come in.

But in the meantime, our English-language blogger will be posting technical info and tasting notes for all the wines that will be landing in just a few weeks. He was recently in Salento where he visited the winery and sat down with export manager Paolo Cantele to taste all the new releases headed for the states.

Stay tuned: We’ll post the first in the series later this week.

Hello U.S.A.! Here we come!